Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thank You Letter

Greetings to all,

On behalf of the 1st Platoon, I would like to send our truly heartfelt appreciation for the gracious gifts we received during Christmas ’08. The seemingly endless packages we received during the weeks prior to Christmas instilled a holiday spirit in us all which would have been lost without your generosity. Though it may be unbelievable, we had obtained a 6ft lighted Christmas tree, probably the only one on our camp, which we placed our gifts around just like at home. Day after day soldiers would come by and rummage through the boxes for items of use. In one particular instance, I recall a soldier commenting “there is something new to be found everyday, it’s unbelievable!”. The assortment of items sent could not have been more accepted and most importantly needed. Thank you all for the kind recognition during the holidays.

We departed Fairbanks, AK four months ago moving into the Diyala Province to support the Iraqis as they assume total control over their country. Daily we work hand in hand with Iraqi Army, Police, and civilians as they learn techniques and gain experience in democratic self-government. It is truly gratifying to see the tremendous gains being made as the Iraqis rebuild their cities and homes freely. In the town in which we live, streets have been swept clean, new curbs poured and painted, and flowers planted, transforming the main avenue of town into an admirable site. It is these small achievements by the Iraqis that put our work into perspective.

As far as our outlook on the New Year we continue to work hard overseas, but are very excited and motivated to return home in September. For many of us Alaska is not considered home, but nevertheless it is an amazing place filled with adventure and breathtaking scenery. I tell you all from experience, that it is a Geologist’s heaven! Thank you again. We wish you all the best of luck this semester and, as always, “GO TECH”.

1st Platoon
73rd Engineers
‘Artic Sappers’

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