Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vice President Nominee: Jennifer Riedel

This society has really served as an outlet in which I could become familiar with people that have similar ideas and passions. Incoming freshman can really benefit from this and I think we should encourage younger members to join. This could be done via flyers, one of us talking to them during classes, or having informational socials. With a larger membership, we can better benefit the community through service. I would like to see the society do more community service. The package we sent to the troops in Iraq at Christmas was awesome, and I think other groups would really appreciate that kind of generosity as well. Race for the Cure or Relay for Life are worthwhile and fun events that serve a great purpose. It would be really cool if we could get a group together and participate next year. I think the society and its members could benefit from more field trips. These provide great hands on experience and really allow you to get to know the other members. This society has done a great deal of good for the department and community and I would like to see us continue to set the bar high for the other organizations!

Vice President Nominee: Heather McGarity

Classification: Senior

I am currently a member of the Geoscience Society and have been for the past year. I am also the treasurer of the geoscience honors society, Sigma Gamma Epsilon. As a vice president I will be responsible for planning events. I plan on continuing the bowling nights since they are a big success. I also would like to see the Geoscience Society become more involved with other societies such as the Society of Petroleum Engineers. I am currently a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, and I would like to start planning tailgates with this society during football games. I believe that since I am currently a member of both I will have an easier time mediating between the two societies. Another major plan for the geosciences society is to have fund raisers like the baseball field clean up and the pancake festival. These would help raise money to take trips and have fun events like the ones we have had in the previous year. As a vice president, I will work my hard and put the Geoscience Society as a priority. Wreck ‘em Tech!

Secretary Nominee: Tiffany Fisher

Classification: Sophomore

My goal, if I become secretary, is to enhance the position of secretary to help improve our society for the upcoming year. The secretary’s position is to primarily maintain an accurate record of the meetings and chair committees within the organization. As secretary, I will help to inform the members of the society quickly and efficiently of the minutes from the past meeting. Also the agenda will be typed and ready to go promptly at every meeting. I hope to improve the participation of the members by maintaining a committee that will inspire them in their fields of study. I also hope to encourage others my age to join and participate in this great organization.

Secretary Nominee: Greg Duncan

(Picture was stolen from facebook profile! :-P )

Classification: Senior

Qualifications/goals: I have worked in the past with several people currently running for office. I have been at Tech for 3 years and know many of the teachers well. My effort level will be immediately noticeable if I am elected.

As secretary, I feel my job is to keep the society well organized and running smoothly. I will take accurate minutes at meetings, as well as keep members informed on what is going on and keep accurate track of community service hours. This year, announcements were somewhat sparse; I plan to make them more visible to increase awareness within the society.

What the officers did this year was do a great job of retaining students, which was a vital step to create a better image for the society. I feel that it would be my mission to continue this mission to a greater extent. With excellent student retention comes extra students as well.

Treasurer Nominee: Brittany Reneau

Classification: Sophomore

Goals for Next Year:
-Keeping up with the lab manual sales every semester
-Keeping the budget in check and making sure the money is spent wisely
-New fundraising ideas
-Trying to recruit new members
-Supporting the other officer in their ideas