Saturday, March 14, 2009

Secretary Nominee: Greg Duncan

(Picture was stolen from facebook profile! :-P )

Classification: Senior

Qualifications/goals: I have worked in the past with several people currently running for office. I have been at Tech for 3 years and know many of the teachers well. My effort level will be immediately noticeable if I am elected.

As secretary, I feel my job is to keep the society well organized and running smoothly. I will take accurate minutes at meetings, as well as keep members informed on what is going on and keep accurate track of community service hours. This year, announcements were somewhat sparse; I plan to make them more visible to increase awareness within the society.

What the officers did this year was do a great job of retaining students, which was a vital step to create a better image for the society. I feel that it would be my mission to continue this mission to a greater extent. With excellent student retention comes extra students as well.

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