Thursday, January 15, 2009

Information on Senior Research and other support

This was approved at the Jan. 8th General Meeting of the Geoscience Society. The funds estimated to be allocated for this year Jan 2009-Dec 2009 will be $1,000 to 1,200 dollars based on totals from the Spring Lab Manual Sales. The exact amount will be announced at the Feb. 1st meeting. Applications are currently being accepted and can be found on the Geoscience Society Bulletin Board outside room 234. They can be turned into Rissa in rm 319A or into the mailbox basket in the Geoscience Dept. Office. As always questions may be addressed to the officers at


Each member is eligible to apply for funding up to $200 during their degree program at TTU. This means you may apply as an undergraduate, M.S., and Ph.D. student. Only undergraduates are eligible for research funding, but all are eligible for reimbursements for application fees to continue school (M.S. and Ph.D geoscience programs), and registration for geosciences related conferences. Meeting the requirements does NOT guarantee funding. Students need to note that all reimbursements require itemized receipts. The budget for funding will be determined by January of each year, funds are then available on a first come first serve basis.

Undergraduate research
  • - Member must be in good standing with junior or senior status at Texas Tech.
  • - Funds will be available to the student for 3 consecutive semesters once they are approved. (example January 2009-May 2010)
  • - Must submit a research proposal and budget. Indicate in budget which items are NOT funded by your advisor’s lab/grant money or available through the department.
  • - Items eligible for reimbursement include supplies that will be used for research that are not already available, ex. gas for field work, food during field work (up to $7 per meal, no alcohol), camp fees, etc. Books, personal equipment, and other personal items are not eligible for reimbursement; the exclusion is a field book which can be provided by the society ($10 will be subtracted from your approved funds).
  • - Undergraduate research projects must be approved by your advisor prior to applying.
  • - May be approved up to $200 during undergraduate degree. Decisions will be made by a committee comprised of geosciences society officers and graduate students. Officers that are applying for research funding must excuse themselves from the committee. Undergraduates who do not agree with the committee’s decision may appeal to the executive officers at If they still do not agree with the executive committee’s decision they may request time at the next general meeting to call for a membership vote on their particular case. This subject to the Society having available funds.
Application Fee reimbursement
  • - Member must be in good standing.
  • - All members are eligible to apply up to $60 total for reimbursement for applications to geoscience graduate programs.
  • - Must attach receipt showing payment and it must include the school and program name.
Conference Registration
  • - Member must be in good standing
  • - All members are eligible for up to $50 per eligible conference registration. Eligible conferences include, but are not limited to, GSA, AAPG, and SVP.
  • - Conference registration that is being funded through the Department, Texas Tech University, or other means is not eligible.

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