Thursday, January 15, 2009

January 8th, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Geoscience Society General Meeting
January 8, 2009 Sci Bldg Rm 234, 5:30 pm
Pizza was provided by the organization

5:30 pm: Meeting is called to order by President John Torgusen.

5:31 pm: Dr. Hetherington makes a request from the Geoscience Society to assist him in refurbishing and organizing a teaching lab. Any volunteers willing to do so should contact Dr. Hetherington. Each meeting to clean and organize the lab will take place on Friday afternoons in which pizza will be provided.

5:35 pm: Announcements by John:
• There are currently no field trips planned for the spring of 2009 semester. This is largely due to a tremendous number of class field trips taking place this semester. John asks that all class field trips be submitted to the Geoscience Society to determine if a small field trip would be possible.
• AAPG has allowed the Geoscience Society to join in on a field trip to the Arbuckle this semester as well, contact Jason Lodge for more information if interested.
• On February 1st around 4:00 pm, John will hold a Superbowl party at his house. Food and refreshments will be provided.
• Cosmic bowling will again take place on January 15th. The cost is $6 for shoes and unlimited bowling starting at 10:30 pm. Cosmic bowling will then take place after each Geoscience Society meeting thereafter during this semester.

5:40 pm: Brittany Reneau makes announcements about lab manual sales.
• Lab manual sales will take place outside room 239 between January 12th and January 26th.
• They will be sold 30 minutes before each lab.
• There is a sign-up sheet that will be passed around and will be posted outside room 239.
• A minimum of two people are needed for each slot and a maximum of three.
• Lab manuals will be sold for $15. Cash and check are both accepted.
• For each hour of selling you will receive one service hour towards the Geoscience Society.

5:45 pm: Heather Anderson makes a brief announcement that the Fall 2008 service project was a success. We raised $345 and around $800 worth of items. The platoon was very excited and grateful.

5:50 pm: Treasurer Rissa Westerfield makes announcements regarding bank accounts and funding for members
• General Fund $1,613.35
• Lab Manual Fund $1,738.00
• An application for funding was passed out for research and trips.
• People were allowed adequate time to read and review the rules and requirements setup by the Geoscience Society and then a vote was taken.
• The vote was unanimous in favor of adopting the application for support.

6:00 pm: Secretary Kevin Werts makes a brief announcement regarding T-shirt ideas. Since there were no ideas submitted last semester we will try again this semester. Any ideas should be submitted to room 319A or through email at

6:03 pm: Rissa makes a brief announcement that elections will take place in March. Voting will then take place in April.

6:05 pm: Rissa calls for any additional announcements or discussion topics from members, since there are none the meeting is adjourned by John.

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