Thursday, April 30, 2009

Election Results and Minutes for April

The 2009-2010 Officers are:

President- Kevin Werts
Junior/Senior Vice President- Heather McGarity
Freshman/Sophomore Vice President: Jennifer Riedel
Treasurer: Brittany Reneau
Secretary: Greg Duncan
S.O.A.C. Rep: Tiffany Fisher
Graduate Student Rep: Ryan Lellis

As always the officers can be reached by emailing

Minutes for April Meeting

5:30 pm: Meeting is called to order

5:31 pm: Dr. Lehman makes announcements concerning the Big Bend trip

· We will be leaving Friday April 10th at 7:00 in the morning.

· No sample collecting is allowed unless you have a permit.

· People will need to provide their own lunch on the 10th and buy a lunch on the way back (13th)

· On Saturday night, we will be entering Terlingua for dinner.

5:35 pm: Pizza arrives and is served.

5:40 pm: Rissa and John take a poll to see who will be attending the Big Bend trip and what sort of food should be purchased.

· Dinners: Sausage Tortilla Wraps and Burgers

· Lunch: Sandwich fixings, granola bars, chips, fruit, etc

· Breakfast: Oatmeal, breakfast bars, fruit, etc

5:45 pm: Elections

· Each candidate is allowed a few minutes to discuss with the society what makes them qualified to be an officer

· Officers elected

o President: Kevin Werts

o Junior/Senior Vice President: Heather McGarity

o Freshman/Sophomore Vice President: Jennifer Riedel

o Treasurer: Brittany Reneau

o Secretary: Greg Duncan

· Other “Officer Notes”

o Dr. Hetherington will be our advisor as voted on in March

o Rissa Westerfieldwill stay on as “Interim” treasure while Brittany is gone over the summer. Both will have signing privileges on the account so the society is functional to organize/purchase for the fundraiser at the beginning of Fall semester.

5:55 pm: Heather announces autism walk

· April 5th, be there by 1:30, Coronado High Track and Field at 34th and Vicksburg Ave

5:55 pm: Rissa announces Arbor day and baseball cleanup.

· Arbor day will take place on April 24th, 1:20 – 3:00

· Baseball Cleanup , 2 days: April 5 and 19th at 3:00 pm

6:00 pm: Sergio talks about poster day and having a picnic afterwards.

· Votes were taken to have Rudy’s BBQ catered to feed the Geoscience Society after poster presentations.

6:10 pm: Outgoing officers thank everyone for a great year and meeting is adjourned

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